Year 8

Learning Manager

Mrs B Stanfield

Form Tutors

8A - S Kirton

8B - L Clayton

8C - M Legallais

Year 8 is cared for by the Learning Manager and 3 form tutors. It is the aim of the Year 8 team to ensure that every child feels safe and happy and is reaching their full potential.

Pupil progress is closely monitored.  We celebrate achievement wherever possible.  The Team are available to meet with parents to talk about any issues that may arise, be it about pupil progress, lessons or concerns over other issues affecting the pupil. Family links with the Academy are strong and it is vitally important to pupil development for this to continue.

The Team expect pupils to arrive on time and in full uniform. Pupils need to have their planner with them at all times, along with essential equipment – a pen , pencil and a ruler. This shows that pupils are ready at the start of the day to learn.

The Year 8 Team are available and can be contacted should you require assistance regarding your child, either by e mail to or by telephone – 01302 742535.