Year 11

Learning Manager

Form Tutors

11A - Mrs L Haigh

11B - Miss J Crump

11C - Mrs R Webb

Careers Advisor

Mr S Panting

As we are sure you are aware, our aim is for all pupils to achieve their full potential in all of their subjects. We are particularly keen to ensure that all Year 11 pupils have every opportunity to prepare thoroughly for external examinations and complete work to the highest possible standard. We offer a detailed programme of after school revision sessions across all subjects. Each revision session provides targeted revision that will improve the performance of students in the exams. 


National Citizen Scheme

We have links with the National Citizen Scheme. NCS is an amazing opportunity for 16-17 year olds to learn new skills, meet new people and challenge themselves to try things they might never have had the chance to do before.  NCS looks great on CVs and gives young people something that makes them stand out from the crowd in job and University interviews.  They will have access to exclusive opportunities from business, volunteering and charity partners.  For further information, please click here:

Serlby Park Prom

The end of Year 11 prom is always a big event for our students.  We are currently in the process of organising the Prom.  We are looking forward to the celebration and are sure it will be a great success and a wonderful memory for our students for years to come.