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Welcome to the Science & Technology Faculty

As a Faculty we always aim to set work that will create independent learners by ensuring lessons promote collaboration, resourcefulness, resilience and reflective learners – We want to promote the attitude that ‘’when I get stuck it's not that I can't do it, it's just I can't do it yet!’’

We try to relate lessons to the ideas that shape our understanding of the world around us by promoting this through SMSC in our lessons.

We want to provide a science and technology curriculum that encourages passion and is compelling to our learners.

We are aware of the immense role that Science and Technology plays in society so we promote science and technology based professions and their gateway routes so that learners have an awareness of the exciting job opportunities that are available to them.

Science at Key stage 3, we have adopted the new AQA Activate Science Scheme of Work designed to support every student on their journey through KS3 to KS4 success. Activate has been designed to spark students' curiosity in science, whilst gradually building the maths, literacy and working scientifically skills vital for success at GCSE.

Technology at Key Stage 3, Food Technology and Textiles are offered on a rotation. 

In addition we continue to tailor our Schemes of Work and lesson plans and resources to match the needs of our learners. We promote the use of scientific enquiry and encourage learners to solve problems and critically evaluate methods and claims. Practical work in both science and technology offers the opportunity for pupils to gain the experience of using equipment, whilst the investigations we carry out require our learners to develop a higher level of cognitive thinking.

Technology at KS4 Beginning in Year 9 students can choose Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

We are following the AQA Trilogy GCSE course.


Ms L. Haigh

Head of Science and Technology

Miss L. Eyre

Teacher of Technology

Mrs C. Lee 

Teacher of Science

Mrs K. Wickers 

Teacher of Science

Mr H Johnson

Science Laboratory Technician

Mrs C. Cave

Food Technology technician


Our expectations within the classroom environment   include having an open mind, a willingness to meet challenges and working   hard.

Practically, we expect students to be equipped   with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and for KS4 science a scientific calculator  is valuable.

Food Technology : It is an expectation that   Ingredients for practical lessons are brought from home for each lesson.

We provide a number of opportunities for assessment at both Key stages and regularly monitor progress and attainment and provide intervention whenever required.

Revision Links

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Specification and past papers.

Additional Information

If you have any questions for us, as a team, get   in touch through the website!

We have interventions, school trips and revision   sessions running throughout the year to enhance the Science and Technology experience – make sure you get involved!

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