Mrs R Thompson - Principal 3-18

Dr J Snead – Executive Principal - Primary

Mrs G Fotheringham - Head of Academy (Primary)

Mr W Rose – Associate Vice Principal - Maths

Miss M Clarke – Director of Support

Mrs K Longley – Assistant Principal (Primary) / Year 6 Teacher / Upper School Lead

Mr J McMahon – Vice Principal – Post-16

Miss J Smith – SENCO Primary

Mrs K Firth - SENCO Secondary 

Primary Teaching Team

Early Years

Miss E Leese - Reception Teacher/Foundation Stage Lead

Miss K Bawden – Reception Teacher

Miss F Shaw – Nursery Teacher

Mrs N Johnson – Phonics Lead / Year 1 Teacher

Mrs K Cooley– Year 1 Teacher

Mrs N Johnson – Year 1 Teacher 

Lower School

Mrs S Kent – Lower School Lead /Year 3 Teacher

Miss K Hardy – Year 2 Teacher

Miss L Johnson – Year 2 Teacher

Ms J Smith – Year 3 Teacher

Miss A Gray – Year 3 Teacher 

Upper School

Mr L Saxelby – Year 4 Teacher

Miss S Kent – Year 4 Teacher

Miss N Scales – Year 5 Teacher

Miss J Hodgeson – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs A Rose – Year 6 Teacher 

Primary Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Allen - HLTA

Mrs L Cawston - HLTA

Mrs D Slack – Cover Supervisor

Mr J Pownall – Cover Supervisor / PE Coach

Mrs N Sturdy

Mrs J Millns

Miss S Chester

Mrs A Kingston

Mrs L Burgess

Mrs C Dudley

Mrs D Fricker

Mrs K Milford

Miss E Fincher

Mrs J Bailey

Mrs B Stanyard

Mrs T Caswell

Mrs J Knight

Mrs S Coulson

Miss L Collinson 

Secondary Teaching Team

English Faculty

Mrs L Pratt  - Head of Faculty

Miss J Buttery – Teacher of English

Mrs K Firth - SENCO

Mr D Pinder – Teacher of English 

Maths Faculty

Mr W Rose - Associate Vice Principal – Faculty Leader

Miss R Webb – Faculty Leader

Mr J Heather – Teacher of Maths

Mr P Carey – Teacher of Maths 

Science/Technology Faculty

Miss L Haigh – Faculty Leader

Mrs C Lee – Teacher of Science

Mrs K Wickers – Teacher of Science

Ms L Eyre – Teacher of Food Technology

Mrs C Cave – Technician – Food Technology Technician 

ICT/Business Faculty

Mr D Stevenson-Trippitt – Teacher of IT and Business 

World Studies Faculty (Modern Foreign Languages/Humanities)

Mrs L Timmins – Teacher of MFL

Mrs S Belk – Faculty Leader

Mrs C Robinson – Teacher of Geography

Mrs L Clayton – Teacher of History 

Performance Faculty (Music/PE/Art)

Mrs M Turney – Teacher of Music

Mrs T Hunt – Faculty Leader of Performing Arts

Miss L Seagrave – Teacher of Art 


Mrs J Peel 

Cover Supervisor

Mrs D Wraight 

Learning Managers

Mrs S Tweed - Years 7 & 8

Mrs S Taylor – Year 9

Mrs B Stanfield - Year 10 

Secondary Teaching Assistants

Mr C Smith

Mrs L Jarvis

Mrs V Wright

Mrs E Adair

Miss S Askham

Mr R Dickenson

Mr J Senior

Mr B Panks – Bridge Supervisor 

Pupil Support Team 3-18

Mrs S Jowett - Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Child Protection Officer 

IT Support 3-18

Mr C Layton - ICT Assistant 

Office Team

Mrs V Thomas - Finance Manager / Principal's PA

Mrs D O'Donnell - Admin Assistant

Mrs T Taylor - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Jellis – Student Reception

Mrs J Kelman –Admin Assistant/Cover Manager

Mrs E Sellars – Reception 

Site Team

Mr J Heggie

Mr S Haigh

Mr M Wesley 

Midday Supervisors - 3-18

Mrs D Leisk

Mrs S Tomlinson

Mrs A Turnnidge

Mrs G Mason

Mrs D Lowder

Mrs J Needham

Mrs S Johnson

Mrs J Young

Mrs J Bailey

Mrs A Barrass

Mrs M Evans

Mrs J Tommy