Sociology is the study of society. During the GCSE and A-level will explore concepts such as the family, the media, social class, politics, crime and deviance, education, social inequality and the role they all play in determining how we live our lives in the UK today. 
The GCSE will give students a fundamental understanding of the structure of society and external factors that affect human behaviour. The subject gives an excellent contemporary awareness of issues facing our society both past and present and also develops students written and verbal skills. Studying sociology at A-level, compliments any students understanding of the subject if they have studied it at key stage 4, however if students are new to the subject at A-level, they will not be at a disadvantage. The subject at A-level, gives students greater understanding of the world we live in and the influences which affect the people in it including the effects of globalisation, inequalities, green crimes and the role of social media.
Sociology is an excellent subject for understanding other people, cultures and traditions and will be highly beneficial for careers in government, education, criminal justice system, social work and healthcare.