Online Academy - Secondary

How to Access Microsoft Teams

Accessing the Online Academy

All staff and students have a Microsoft 365 account that gives them full access to the Online Academy.  To log in staff and students should click on the “Quick Links” tab at the bottom of the website.

Username / Password

The user account looks like this The user name and password is the same that students use for their computer login in school.

The Learning Team - Online

After signing into Microsoft Teams, you are then able to select either a work at home folder or a specific lesson. We are phasing out the Work at Home folders in favour of specific lesson folders. These will look like this:

We have also added an additional team for students to contact their learning manager. Please use the following teams for this:

  • Timetable
    • Students in all situations will follow their normal timetable and this will be accessible from home in their calendar.
  • All lessons
    • The Online Academy will be used to enhance all face to face learning, and give students 24 7 access to learning resources, revision and collaborative learning opportunities. Each subject will tailor this to best support the pedagogy for that subject area.
  • Self-Isolation
    • Students who have to self-isolate will follow their normal timetable at home. They would access the work they need to do independently, in the Working from Home Team for their Year group, on Microsoft Teams.
  • Partial Bubble or Whole School Lockdown
    • Students who are part of any partial bubble or whole school lockdown will follow their normal timetable at home. All students will have access to face to face remote learning. 

Rule for Students Accessing Remote Learning

  • Follow the instructions and rules of the teacher during the live sessions. These include but not limited to; keeping microphones on mute, using the raised hand tool participate and having cameras on (session applicable). Your teacher will explain how it will work at the beginning of your lesson, with reminders.
  • Students who do not follow teacher instructions will leave the live lesson, their connection will be ended by the teacher.
  • Pupils are required to engage and participate throughout the session.
  • Students are not expected to wear academy uniform. However, pupils must be modestly dressed and makeup/jewellery should not be on show.
  • Language must be respectful at all times when communicating with peers or the teacher.
  • Academy behaviour expectations remain the same while accessing remote learning. Any pupils who do not follow teacher instructions will have their connection ended by the teacher meaning they leave the session.
  • Chat and post functions must only be used for purposeful educational requirements. All chat and posts are saved and any inappropriate use would be sanctioned as appropriate.
  • Any use of mobile phones is not permitted to be used within a live session.

Please note, live lessons will not necessarily be for the full period/ lesson; sometimes, the live element/s will be the introduction of new content, more detailed explanations, modelling by the teacher or giving feedback. At other times, with students working independently on set learning tasks during that lesson time.

Additional Online Learning

Key Stage 3

BBC Bitesize have also added daily lessons for pupils to follow that can be accessed here and here.

Key Stage 4

Additional work will also be set and/or accessed on the following websites (click to access):