Science Week


Science Week 2019 – Drowning in Plastic 

Students in 7, 8 & 9 have spent lessons looking at the impact of single use plastic on the environment and what science is doing to combat this problem.

Students have looked at how we can recycle, reuse and reduce our single use plastic consumption, they have made biodegradable plastic from milk and then looked at how this plastic can be broken down by enzymes. 

Marine Engineering Workshop

Friday 15th March and Friday 22nd March Year 7's took part in a Sea Cadets Marine Engineering Pathway (MEP) workshop.

This was designed to inspire young people to engage with STEM subjects and highlight the career opportunities in Marine Engineering.

The workshop covered Buoyancy, exploring some of the scientific principles such as Density, Displacement, Newton’s 3rd law and Archimedes Principle.

This was a fun, hands-on session aimed at teaching Students about the principles of engineering through the use of Marine based real-life scenarios. Students worked in teams of two to design and create an engineering solution.