Year 7 and 8

At Key stage 3 the study of a language is a compulsory part of the National Curriculum. All pupils will learn French/Spanish.
Assessment and reporting
There will be regular assessments throughout the year. The results of these are used to inform us about the level and progress of your child. Please note that your child’s level in MFL may be lower than in other subjects in year 7 and 8 as they have not not studies languages for the same amount of time as they have the other subjects.

Key stage 3 students will have one piece of homework a week which is varied in skills and caters for the individual needs of the students.
GCSE French/Spanish. Practical information for parents.

As a department we wanted to share some information about the courses, as there are a number of things that parents can do to support their children at home. I have outlined the framework of the courses below. The tasks and timeline are similar whatever language is being studied.
The students GCSE language course is run over three years. We follow AQA GCSE specification. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are all examined. Each of the skills has the following weighting
Year 11 exam
25% Listening
25% Speaking
25% Reading
25% Writing

As a department we cannot stress enough how important the preparation for exams is to ensure that students get the best grades they can. Parents can help by making sure that their child has completed all their tasks and listening to them as they practise speaking.
One of the most important tasks that pupils have to do is to develop a wide range of vocabulary so they will have vocabulary to learn every week, unless they are preparing for exams or assessment. Parents can help by testing vocabulary so that learning vocabulary becomes a regular part of pupil’s homework routine.
September 2016 Changes
Nationally the changes to the specifications we use in MFL will come into effect.
This means that the current Yr9 are working towards 100% examinations.
Each of the exam skills will have the following weighting.
25% Listening
25% Speaking
25% Reading
25% Writing
If you require any further information, please contact Mrs Belk.


Head of Modern Foreign Languages Department and teacher of French and Spanish: Mrs S Belk

Teacher of French and Spanish: Mr M Legallais

The Department expects pupils to:
• Arrive at lessons on time with everything needed for the lesson
• Concentrate in lessons avoiding distraction and distraction of others
• Participate to the best of your ability in class
• Learn vocabulary homework and complete all homework
• Meet deadlines
• Ask for help if needed
• Catch up with any work missed through absence
• Follow the Department Presentation policy

At GCSE pupils should be spending at least 45 minutes per week on their language homework. Success at GCSE is very much dependant on commitment and a mature approach to study.
We offer A level French and Spanish
Revision Links FRENCH TV channel Spanish TV and Radio French and Spanish Magazines for students studying French and Spanish. We also have a subscription to these paper copy magazines, students can ask for a code from their teacher in order to access audio files. This is a website your child can sign up to which assesses their level and records their progress. This is available as an app for your child’s smartphone.
For KS3 and KS4 your child can sign up to a website called which assesses their level and records their progress. This is available as an app for your child’s smartphone. is a site where pupils can select the GCSE course they are taking and revise vocabulary and grammar. This requires them to sign up themselves. is another free site that practises vocabulary with flashcards, aids listening skills and consolidates knowledge with games. It also records progress on the pupil’s profile.
Resource Links

Scheme of Work

Additional Information
Promoting language skills and cultural awareness.

We are working hard to endorse the importance of language skills and the appreciation of other cultures. If you have friends or acquaintances who are from different countries and can offer insight into the language and culture of that country we would love them to share that with our students here at Serlby Park Academy.

We are also keen to promote the practical use of languages so if you have any holiday or business experience where having a basic understanding of a language was useful or vital we would love to know. We would love to post these anecdotes on one of our noticeboards.