Health and Social Care

Meet the Team

  • Miss T Hunt – Head of Faculty
  • Mr N Swarbrick – Teacher of PE/ Health and Social Care

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the person who has the disease” William Osler

One of the biggest employers in our area is the NHS, who throughout the pandemic have gained the respect and gratitude of the nation. Students have the opportunity to develop key skills within the Health and Social care subject at De Lacy Academy that can put them on the correct pathway to a rewarding career within the sector and beyond.

Students will be introduced to the core “values of care” as well as the rights of individuals and the legislation that is in place to protect people. Important communication skills will be developed and students will learn how to apply them to a given practical situation. In addition students will develop knowledge and practical understanding of first aid procedures to enable them to understand how to react best in a given medical emergency that they may encounter.

Students study three components –

1. Human Lifespan

2. Health and social care services and values

3. Health and wellbeing which is an external exam.