Meet the Team

  • Mrs S Belk – Head of Faculty
  • Miss S Kirton – Teacher of Geography
  • Geography is designed to give all students the confidence and experience to help inform and shape ideas, investigating human and physical aspects of the diverse subject. This will enable students to become global citizens and develop an understanding that they may become role models for the future and set a trail for others to follow. Considering themes such as sustainability, development, globalisation and climate change in their everyday lives. 
  • Geography offers the opportunity to study a range of topics that investigate the physical processes of our planet, of how humans interact with it and the economic and environmental challenges that we face at a local, national and global scale. This gives students the confidence to interact with the wider world, leading to fulfilled and positive life experiences. The curriculum encourages students to ask questions, develop critical thinking skills, and promotes a deeper understanding of complex concepts. 
  • Geographical skills are embedded within units of work throughout all key stages. Students develop their mapping, graphical, ICT and GIS skills. Fieldwork enquiries provide the opportunity for students to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding within both human and physical Geography. 
  • Geography links curriculums together, including the physical process in Science, creativity in English to the numeracy skills of Mathematics. Students are able to use these connections to excel in the wider world.