Early Years and Foundation Stage

We recognise the importance of parents as partners and we are committed to the development of strong home/school links throughout a child’s education. Through play and activities, children learn about teamwork, decision making, problem solving and communication They are supported in making friends and learn about care, respect and consideration for others; providing a strong focus on social skills and social interaction. The emphasis on PSHCE continues throughout their time at Serlby Park Academy. Nursery and Reception children follow a learning day based on the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation that covers Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development Knowledge and Understanding of the terms Physical Development, Creative Development and Spiritual Development

Key Stage 1 and 2

At Serlby Park Academy the new National Curriculum is delivered to pupils in Key Stage One and Two in an engaging and purposeful way where there is a seamless link from Early Years to Key Stage 1 then to Key Stage 2.

We have three ‘curriculum drivers’ that underpin our teaching of the curriculum that we strongly believe allow our pupils to make the best possible gains in learning and being prepared for the wider world. These drivers are: ‘Active & Outdoor’ learning, ‘SMSC’ (social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning) and ‘Talk for Learning’. Our pupils’ also play an important role in designing our curriculum and each term they have the opportunity to have their say about what is taught. Children are also asked to review each term’s topic to inform teachers planning the next time it is taught.

The Academy curriculum offers opportunities for discovery, which allow the development of children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in language, literature, mathematics, creative development, physical  development and personal and social skills. We ensure our children acquire good computing skills through specific computing lessons and the use of the latest technology in the classroom.  We emphasise the children’s research, organisational and reporting skills so they develop their self-confidence as independent learners. To the same end, as they mature, children are encouraged to take a more active role in planning their own programmes of work in preparation for their Secondary education.

Our children are encouraged to be creative, independent and reflective thinkers leading to self-motivated learning. The cross-curricular thematic approach to learning will continue in Key Stage 2 with a gradual move to include specialist subjects.

Children’s hard work does not stop at the end of the school day! As well as children's weekly homework, each new topic has a ‘creative homework’ linked to topic. This allows pupils to continue their learning at home and provides opportunities to involve parents in the curriculum.

Key Stage 3

At Serlby Park Academy this two year course is experienced by pupils in year groups 7 and 8. Students concentrate on learning key skills and competencies which will be essential to them throughout their careers with great emphasis being placed on literacy and numeracy. The curriculum is broad and balanced and includes English, Mathematics, Science, Information Communications Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Creative Arts, PE and Design Technology.

Key Stage 4

In Year 9 students continue to study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and PE. They also have the opportunity to decide the remaining 40% of their learning programme, which is supported and guided by teaching staff at the Academy. This process leads towards a wide range of GCSEs and vocational courses including BTEC and ASDAN.

GCSEs & Vocational Courses

We offer a broad range of subjects and courses to maximise the opportunities our pupils have to broaden their learning and career pathways. Deciding on which GCSEs and Vocational courses to study is one of the most important decisions that pupils experience at this stage of their lives. We aim to ensure that they are aware of the options and are fully informed when making decisions.