Post 16 News Presentation on Water Safety

7th March 2018
Gary Willoughby of The Fire Service presented to our Post 16 students to remind them of the dangers of swimming in open water.
Over 400 people die in the water every year in the UK, and firefighters are urging people to follow some basic rules to stay safe.
The dangers of open water are:
• The water can be much deeper than you expect • Rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs are much colder than you think • Open water can carry water borne diseases, pollutants and bacteria • Cold water dramatically affects your ability to swim • There may be hidden currents, which can pull you under the water • You don’t know what lies beneath, like pieces of rubbish or reeds which can trap or injure you
Students were encouraged to avoid open water- like rivers and lakes- because they may not always be aware of the danger they pose.
River flows can be unpredictable and water is often deeper, colder and faster than expected. People should enjoy water safely in swimming pools or safer specialist facilities instead. 
It can be tempting to cool off in the summer months, but stick to a swimming pool. Hundreds of people drown each year in the UK and places like rivers, lakes or flooded quarries are completely unsuitable for swimming as they hide a number of hidden dangers.
“No Lifeguard – No Swimming”