Enrichment Programmes







The enrichment programme will give students the opportunity to continue existing interests and develop new ones.

On Mondays, students will have two-three pCeriods for enrichment although enrichment may also take place between 2.30-3.30pm in the enrichment hour after school

It is proposed that students will choose either one or two activities (subject to choice and length of lesson) to follow over a half term and then change the following half term. Sixth Form tutors will be asked to contribute, if timetabling allows, to deliver an activity. With the current tutor group, this could be Cooking, Gardening, Photography, basic French/Spanish, Young Enterprise and DJ’ing. If new tutors are brought into the team, then their area of expertise would be utilised.

There will also be collaboration with other Academies to take part in activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Life (PSHE)

Period 5 will become sixth form assembly. This will not only be for the Head of Sixth Form to address the sixth form but for inviting speakers or groups to come in to deliver a variety of presentations to students. Presentations this year from Drive for Life, the Army and a number of Universities have proved very successful and this can also be complimented by such groups as the Anthony Nolan Trust, Water Aid, Blood Donoring and Student Finance, all of which have expressed an interest to come in and speak to sixth form students. A number of other groups and individual speakers will be sourced to enable a full programme of assemblies over the academic year. The interests and expertise of members of Academy staff could also be utilised to talks and activities.

Careers Education

Students will have a period timetabled for Year 12 to study the Progression Module. Topics include:

Work skills - Collation of exam results and certificate, writing CV’s, applying for jobs, writing Personal Statements, Interview techniquesFinance Part 1 - A guide to accounts, credit and debit cards, loans, mortgages, budgetingCurrent Affairs / Political parties / GovernmentFinance Part 2 - Getting to grips with Student Finance forms, bursaries, apprenticeship wagesThe World around Us - Looking at an area of the World in greater depth, what is happening there, the politics / economy

All students will be expected to attend one of these sessions. Universities and Apprenticeship Training Centres will also bring in skills such as writing applications, study skills and interview techniques. There would also be opportunities to take groups to taster sessions at Universities and Apprenticeship Training Centres that are subject specific.

Student Leadership

There is already a thriving Leadership Academy within Sports, Literacy and Numeracy and students will be encouraged to participate. Any interested students need to contact the Department leaders for English, Sport and Maths.

Peer Mentoring

Additional opportunities can also be arranged for students wanting to gain experience as extra classroom assistants; assist with reading schemes, mentoring of younger students. If students are interested please direct them to Head of Sixth Form

Work Experience / Volunteering

A number of students will also be attending work placements that are linked to their choice of courses. Only external (not at any other SPTA Academy) work experience can be counted towards the non-qualification hours. All work experience needs to be authorised by the Head of Sixth Form, logged by the student, verified by the supervisor and monitored by the form tutor. These logs will be collated by the Head of Sixth Form every half term.


A structured tutorial programme has been put together as per the attached sheet. All tutor groups are attached to a House and are expected to attend that House assembly with student abiding to the dress code.

A planned scheme of work will be delivered on different topics each half term. This will be as follows:

1. Autumn TermWhere am I at, where am I going to?Make me a better learner, make me more employable

i. Key Ingredients

ii. Personal Skills Audit

Induction Self ReviewAcademic Mentor Meeting 1Academic Mentor Meeting 2Mock Results 1Self-Evaluation 1Progress Review Day 12. Spring TermPreparation for Parents EveningNew Year, New You!MocksSelf-Evaluation 2Progress Review Day 2

3. Summer TermProgression PlanningAcademic Mentoring

Tutors will also work with students on their Programme of Study, challenging attendance and behaviour, monitoring the C6 tracker and general admin. All targets set through Climate for Learning meetings need to be recorded on SIMS.

Every half term there will be an inter-form activity. This may be a debate on a certain topic, a sports challenge, general knowledge quiz and the possibility of a change of tutor for a session. This latter activity would also aid the personal development of the tutor.

Students will also deliver a presentation to younger students about their journey through to Sixth Form so that aspirations can start at an early age and ensure that younger students are guided to the right choices in their future years towards their end goals.