Academy Profile

Academy Ethos

Behaviour of pupils at the Academy is very good, which can be evidenced by outstanding behaviour around the Academy.  The number of incidents of disruption in lessons is minimal as a result of the degree of personalisation available within the curriculum, and the support available from the Pastoral Team and the Pupil Support Centre.

As a result of the Academy’s aspiration to continually drive up the standards of behaviour, it has non-teaching Learning Managers who respond to classroom issues and support behaviour for learning strategies throughout their daily learning walks.

Positive achievements in lessons, as evidenced through the house point system has increased over recent years.  The Pastoral team continue to develop the use of the certificated rewards system, and rewards trips and activities which encourages pupils to achieve even higher levels of attainment, through peer recognition. A Rewards' assembly based on attitude to learning grades is held at the end of each term for Yeas 7-11.

In the Primary phase a traffic light system is in operation in each class, with the WOW award at the top of the traffic light.  A Rewards' assembly each Friday reflects pupil, class and house successes.  Pupils are also encouraged to share their successess achieved outside of school during the Rewards assembly.

The Academy’s Pupil Support Centre enhances students’ behaviour by providing support for those students with unique needs. By providing individualised learning plans as well as remedial work around behavioural issues, it provides an alternative to student exclusions and has enabled these students to achieve examination qualifications they would not otherwise achieve.

Weekly tracking of individual pupils and half termly monitoring of cohorts ensure that effective interventions strategies are put in place where required.

Attendance rates for the Academy are tracked and monitored. A combination of rewards, close monitoring and a structure for interventions are in place.

The Academy has a full time Attendance Officer to monitor the attendance of all students in Years N – 11 and to support families in relation to attendance. This has enhanced the work carried out by Pastoral Leaders and minimised the need for PA cases to develop.

The Pastoral Team work with a wide range of external agencies to help support Serlby Park Academy students. This includes Family Support Workers, Youth Support Worker, counselling and volunteers who accept referrals from professionals in the area including pastoral leaders, police and social services. They work with students and their families to focus on improving behaviour, attendance and attainment; reducing the numbers of students at risk of becoming looked-after; and reducing the number of NEETs in the area.

The role of a full time First Aider on the site has been developed and that of ‘student support’. Students continue to attend with first aid and medical problems as well as being another port of call where concerns can be raised.

There is a programme of outside speakers for assemblies in key areas such as Fire Safety, Road Safety, Drugs Awareness and Railway Safety, which is targeted in response to issues identified within the local community.

All staff have undertaken Child Protection training and attend a refresher course every three years. Other colleagues attend appropriate courses during the academic year to further enhance provision. 

We believe that students at the Academy feel safe as evidenced by responses in the annual pupil survey.

During specific lessons e.g. Technology, Science, PE, ICT, PSHE and Vocational courses students are required to assess and manage the risks of the tasks they are undertaking to ensure their safety.

At break times and lunch times students are given access to external areas and the canteen with supervision by teams of teaching and support staff resulting in a very secure environment. Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students remain on site at break times and lunchtimes.

Academy staff are deployed during break and lunchtimes as supervisors to ensure high standards of behaviour and the safety of students.

Students considered at risk from inappropriate internet and mobile phone use receive support and advice from the Academy. ICT and PSHE deliver cyber bullying and internet safety lessons, this is consolidated by input via assemblies and tutor time.

Members of the Academy’s Pastoral Team are organised on a rota basis to ‘meet and greet’ students at the entrance to the Academy. A similar procedure operates at the end of the Academy day.

At Primary parents are encouraged to come to the classroom with their child from 8.30am - 8.45am to look at work, assist with reading, join in with the moring challenge.  Parents collect their child at the end of the day from the class teacher at the relevant door.

Parental awareness of the importance of attendance has been targeted by including a copy of each student’s attendance certificate with their student review.  Texts are sent out weekly to inform parents of the top attending form group. The weekly attendance and punctuality award has further raised the profile for good attendance.